Best Cheap Website Builders

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  • Sell across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and eBay
  • Brilliant inventory system which helps you manage your store
  • Came first in our research for sales features and customer score


  • Most scalable ecommerce platform
  • More built-in features than any competitor
  • Lets you sell across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Fantastic SEO tools


  • Best quality templates in terms of design and flexibility
  • Best quality features of any builder on the market
  • Full customization control without need for coding



  • Brilliant support, especially from its live chat feature
  • Templates are fully mobile and tablet responsive
  • Fantastic and easy to use app market


  • You can create a website and get it live in a matter of minutes
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Its pricing plans are very cheap in comparison to some competitors

Looking for a cheap website building?

Almost every business needs a website. What if your company is at the very beginning of it's what to success and you don't have extra money to spend on site development? How to make a website for free or very cheap?

For one who had never made a site all the process of site development looks like real magic. You don't have any clear idea of the process, but for sure it is something long, troublesome and demanding a lot of money. Also, we need the whole team: a programmer, a designer, a person who will perform testing and one who will manage them. It sounds like it gonna cost you an arm and leg. But how to create the cheapest website?

No worries. There is always a way. 

What is the most inexpensive way to make a professional website?

Actually, we have 3 ways for you.


Way 1. Order a cheap website in a web studio.


Now there are a lot of companies which can create a website very cheaply. They make dozens of these inexpensive websites a day. Let us explain how they achieve such performance and low prices. If you think that they will work on your site for more than a few hours, you are mistaken. So:

  • All sites will have the same template, with different content.

  • The content you will have to provide, otherwise, you may get information from other sites, and beware - search engines punish content theft so your site will be the last in a long list of sites.

  • Most likely the cost does not include the cost of hosting and domain name. And selling them to you the company will ask a higher price than it usually costs.

So that the positive is that you will get your site but it can be not more expensive than you expect from the beginning and less efficient. So it isn’t the best and the cheapest way to create a website.


Way 2. Order from a friend


It’s hard to find a cheap website developer but if you know someone maybe you can ask for a discount. It’s a good way if a friend has experience. You can ask him for a cheap website development. But first, you need to make sure that the person has already made sites and check the examples.

The result depends on your friend. Nobody can say what kind of site you will get in the end if you will still have a friend.


Way 3. Website builders 


A website builder is a tool with ready-made templates and a simple interface for their customization. It's probably the cheapest way to make a website by yourself. To create a site, you need to select a template that you like, edit it and add text. It takes 5 minutes to create the first version of the site without text. If you have time, instead of 2 previous ways, we would probably advise the site builder because there are more pros than cons.

Pros and cons of low-cost website designing


So, the pros:

  • Your website will use a template, as in the first way we have offered you. But you choose the design from the hundreds proposed. 

  • You know exactly how much you are ready to pay. You can select a cheap website maker or even the least expensive website builder

  • After clicking the button “Create website” you immediately get a cheap website as in Way 1, only for free and instantly. All you need to do is to add the content

  • Normally even inexpensive website builders have good technical support so if you stuck on some point you have always somebody to help you.

But these are cons too:

  • Some cheap website templates have too much limited customization. It is easy to change the logo, images, sometimes colors, but you may not be able to move or add blocks. You are tied to this template.

  • Very limited functionality.

  • The support is responsive, but you have to understand that there are thousands of people like you who willing to get help.


Using a tool such as a low-cost website builder is the cheapest, simple and at the time-same way to create a personal blog or website. Its main feature and advantage - the ability to make a workable and modern website in a very short time without paying top dollar - just spend a few hours to get the desired result.

There are many website builder platforms these days. We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right one for an unprepared person. Therefore, later in this article, we will tell about good and at the same time cheap website builders, explaining to you their main features, the pros, and cons. It will simplify the process of choosing a platform and help you make the right money-friendly decision.

Choosing the best inexpensive website builder: a closer look


Weebly website builder


Weebly is a cheap websites building service, launched in American in 2007. SaaS-site creation platform and hosting It is a convenient and simple tool for creating beautiful business cards and shops.


  • Free plan - $0

  • Connect - $7 /mo billed monthly or $5 /mo billed yearly

  • Pro - $18 /mo billed monthly or $12 /mo billed yearly

  • Business - $35 /mo billed monthly or $25 /mo billed yearly 

  • Business Plus - $46 /mo billed monthly or $38 /mo billed yearly


A great number of quality layouts that look attractive and up-to-date. You can easily preview the template and change it anytime you want. The whole screen images, carefully selected fonts, nice colors are the key features of templates kindly offered by the low-cost website platform. It's easy to edit them in the visual editor if you need an individual design. You can work with HTML and CSS. Weebly offers a good online store functionality: tools to export and import goods, built-in promotion tools. To track how efficient your online-store works use built-in analytics, which shows responses to emails, customer and partner streams, and other various indicators of the online store.


Despite all the advantages mentioned above of this cheap website builder, there are some disadvantages to mention. Be ready that the full online store functionality is available for the Business plan only, which is not so cheap. Weebly charges a commission of 3% from each transaction for cheap paid plans a free plan. The inexpensive website builder platform offers minimal SEO settings and a limited selection of themes.


Site123 website builder


SITE123 is a top-rated and at the same time cheap website creator for beginners who have no experience in making websites, but want to get an acceptable result. The website builder has an unusual approach to editing content, offers a minimal set of tools for changing the appearance and internal configuration of the website.


  • Free - $0

  • Premium - $10.80 / mo


Site123 is probably one of the cheapest website builder. It’s easy to create websites, there is a template, you can customize it and all changes are immediately visible. In an hour you can make a decent website that will immediately have a mobile version. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Despite its simplicity, SITE123 offers enough possibilities for creating and customizing a website: quickly add plug-ins - analytics, tools for marketing and web development, chat with customer support.

The designer can be used free of charge for a month - during this time you can try all the functionality and remake your website several times.

The site is SEO-friendly - well "friendly" with search engines. To improve the functionality, you can customize plug-ins - there is also a popular Facebook Pixel. This cheap site builder provides the ability to edit robots.txt and sitemap.xml, which not all platforms have.


There is no doubt that as for a cheap website creator Site123 offers many great features, but they may fall behind in some respects, namely: the service is not suitable for large, long-term projects. There is a free plan, but it has limited bandwidth and storage capacity of only 0.5 gigabytes.


WIX.COM website builder


Wix is one of the most influential website building platforms. Wix is a very good website maker for creating complex and well-functioning business sites such as a portfolio, a business card, a promotional page or a landing page. It can offer a lot for creating cheap custom websites. Website creation has never been that much cheap and easy.


  • Connect Domain - $3.75-5.95 / mo;

  • Combo - $7.58-10.95 / mo;

  • Unlimited - $11.41-15.95 / mo;

  • eCommerce - $14.79-19.90 / mo;

  • VIP - $23-30 / mo.

Pros: is a free platform. So it's the cheapest way to start a website. The website builder is quite simple and does not require special knowledge of web-mastering. At the same time, it offers a large number of small functional elements and will be good for professionals as well as for beginners. You can create both informational websites and online stores. The Drap & Drop interface is very intuitive. Registration is fast enough and does not require to enter a lot of your data. You can use ready-made templates and customize them. Wix offers an ample opportunity to customize the design: change the background according to your taste from the proposed set of pictures and photos, or upload a picture or photo from your computer. You can change the color and the shape of the buttons as well. There are more than 250 various applications, both paid and free, such as video gallery, photo gallery, chat and so on. Wix websites use SSL certificate so all your data will be well secured. Everything is quite simple and fast, all options and widgets are explained but if you face any problems creating your website you can use Wix knowledge base


If you want to create a cheap website with a free plan then at the bottom you will always see a line with ads from Wix, which offers to create your free website. Some customers complain that the overloaded interface sometimes is the problem for beginners and you can easily spoil the template, using all the editing possibilities. One more disadvantage is that website builder provides Customer Support is only in English. website builder


WordPress is a Trustworthy platform that offers unlimited possibilities for website building even for beginners. At the same time its one of the cheapest ways to build a website. WordPress is a CMS primarily for blogs but you can build a very good online business card or even a small online store on it.


  • Blogger - $3/ month, billed yearly;
  • Personal - $5 per month, billed yearly;
  • Premium - $8 per month, billed yearly;
  • Business - $25 per month, billed yearly;
  • eCommerce - $45 per month, billed yearly.


The main advantage of WordPress is the ease of use. Even a beginner can make a cheap website for himself after the 5-minute installation. It is easy to register an account in WordPress with step-by-step instructions. The website builder platform has a set of ready-made templates that you can use absolutely for free. WordPress sites are extremely easy to fill in and maintain. The engine already has all the necessary functionality. You can customize the website according to your needs or use the built-in features for individual capabilities. As a result, you can get a cheap e-commerce website design. WordPress has an extensive community of developers and fans, so the documentation and tutorials for this system are extremely detailed. Almost for every little thing, you can find an article with a detailed explanation and step by step instructions. 


The main disadvantage of e free version of the WordPress platform is that readers can see the ads offered by the platform whereas in the paid version you choose which advertising will be displayed.  We don’t recommend to use its large projects with non-standard functionality.

It can be hard for beginners to set advanced functionality because the realization of complex projects requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP.


Strikingly website builder


Strikingly is an excellent platform launched in 2012. This service helps you to create a beautiful thematic website with the all necessary functions fast. The service offers a free plan with its hosting service and a third-level domain name. So here people know how to make a cheap website.


  • Free - $0

  • Limited - $7-8 / mo 

  • PRO - $11.20-20/ mo

  • VIP $49-34.40 / mo


Strikingly is a perfect platform for building cheap but good-looking single-page websites. And the biggest advantage is that the strikingly free plan is endless and paid plans are pretty cheap. You can use the platform for free as long as you want. 

For beginners, the platform offers a visual text editor and user-friendly navigation. Advanced users there is the ability to embed custom HTML, JS, CSS codes for paid plans.

This free website builder allows you to sell a single product per website and includes free integrated e-commerce. Created on website builder sites have an adaptive design and do not require a separate development of mobile version - the website will be compatible with all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).

Moreover, Strikingly customer support is ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for those who like the assistance always available.

There is also an integrated analysis tool and a free domain name with subdomain.


Strikingly, as all the best free website building platforms, has some cons we should mention. In the free version, it shows announcements concerning the Strikingly platform. Strikingly creates one-page websites with a design based on the templates available. Of course, you can modify your template, but the creative freedom is quite limited comparing with other free website creation programs. 


1&1 IONOS website builder


The company 1 & 1 IONOS was launched in 1997. It’s one of the largest and oldest hosters in the world. The company's servers are located in the US and Europe. It provides a full range of hosting services: rent of virtual and dedicated servers shared hosting, domain registration, own website builder, cloud services, Amazon S3, etc.


  • Online - $1 for the 1st month, then $5 / mo

  • Online Store - $15 / mo


1&1 IONOS offers you everything you need to set up your website without paying a top dollar. You pay just $1 for the 1st month of using a platform – isn’t it the best low-cost website builder? The website software allows you to import and export content easily. Using Drag-and-Drop editor you can see the changes on your site in real time.

Note that the Ionos 1 & 1 sites can be multilingual, which allows you to create websites in 60 different languages. Also, the website builder gives you full access to CSS and HTML coding of templates.


Unfortunately, there is no free trial period. All site information is in English only, including the Customer Support service. Users mention that there are problems with Support and sudden changes in prices.


GoDaddy website builder


Go daddy is a dynamic service provider with a wide range of solutions and tools, including the best cheap website builder. The year 2017 GoDaddy replaced its rather old editor with a popular nowadays drag-and-drop site builder. The new site builder GoDaddy was designed to help you quickly create a professional website. It is ideal for those who are considering the creation of a regular website, for professionals and organizations that need a presence on the Internet, for people seeking to sell online, as well as for small business owners who are comfortable with the basic functions of electronic commerce. 


  • Personal - $5.99/mo
  • Business - $9.99/mo
  • Business Plus - $14.99/mo
  • Online Store - $19.99/mo *


*When billed annually.


The “Website creation" function can be used 1 month for free during the trial period. It allows you to build professional sites, without knowing programming codes and web design. GoDaddy allows you to create a secure and professional website, from A to Z. The site created on the GoDaddy platform will be safe and secured - website builder offers SSL certificates and daily backups. You can use SEO and marketing tools for content optimization and promotional email campaigns. The website builder offers very effective customer service.


Chat support is available only from Monday till Friday during working hours.


Squarespace website builder


Squarespace is not free but pretty cheap and at the same time powerful and beautiful American website builder. It is a good option for creating a cheap personal website such as blogs and portfolios. It is also a commercial platform for the sale of goods and services, including digital. The website builder platform does not require special knowledge in website building and is intuitive. 


●    Personal - from $12

●    Business - from $18

●    BASIC Commerce - from $26

●    ADVANCED Commerce - $40


First of all, Squarespace offers a trial period of two weeks to get acquainted with the functionality of the system. You get for free Google and Typekit fonts. Not every cheap resource has the functionality to sell digital goods such as music, photos or digital artworks but using Squarespace you can easily do it. You get a free domain in the zone. Com and mobile adaptive layouts which will look equally beautiful on screens of any size. In case you face some problems when creating a site of your dream you can get good technical support.


As most of the site builder platforms Square space has limited customization. Customers complain that sometimes the visual editor and previews of galleries are very slow. 

Low-cost website designing: To pay or to save

As you can see, creating your site with a site builder platform will cost less than any web studio services. In addition, if you need to make changes, you can quickly do it with the help of a convenient drag-and-drop editor. In just a few minutes you can add or remove any widget, change the page layout, background image or text. You can add or delete pages in just one click. If you want to change the site ordered in the studio, you will have to contact a specialist, discuss the edits and wait for them to be made. In addition, for any change in the structure or design of the website, you have to pay extra. 

Using a tool such as a website builder is not only the cheapest way to have a website, simple and at the same time an effective way to create a personal blog or website for business. It’s main feature and advantage - the ability to make a workable and modern website in a very short time and with a really small budget. 

While traditional content management systems (CMS) were developed to create large resources, almost all site builders are focused to create and manage small web projects. Thus, they can be recommended for small businesses and simply for users who would like to create a small website for their personal needs.

That’s why we do not recommend using the site builder as a basis for creating a complex web project that is planned to be developed in the future. Also, such cheap website builder platforms are not quite suitable for creating online stores with a catalog of goods for more than a few dozen positions.

Working with site builders there is no need for technical knowledge and skills since such platforms operate on the WYSIWYG principle, which is an acronym for English. What you see is what you get - “what you see is what you get.” That is, all work is based on visual editing, no programming, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and so on. So even a high school student can cope with this work. Adding texts, images, multimedia, and other files occur through a special visual editor. To manage such a web project, no programming skills or technical knowledge of another kind is required.

Which inexpensive website builder to choose? We want to note that all listed site builders are free or cheap but each has its advantages and is designed for specific purposes.

Now you know how much it costs to create a website with the use of the cheapest website builder platforms. Website builder services are cheaper than web studio services. Nevertheless, someone still prefers to contact the experts and trust them with all the work associated with the site. It’s all up to you to pay or to save your money. Anyway, we wish you good luck in creating the site!